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Shayne Walsh is a Pastor, musician, singer/songwriter and family man. He is married to Rachel and they have five children. Born and bred in Kent, England he recently returned to his parents' home county Kilkenny, Ireland as a missionary where he is raising his family, planting a church and running a music school community projects

 Shayne became a Christian when he was 16 and has worked in youth and schools ministry, praise and worship ministry and men's ministry as well as developing his own musical career in songwriting, performance and production. His music is written from the heart and reflects some of the challenges, experiences and resolutions he has faced during his life as a person developing his faith. He has a gifting in using his music as an evangelistic tool, to reach questioning non-believers and new believers.

 Shayne's personal life has led him through a range of experiences which has seen him go from a lifestyle of touring with well known artists in roles from stage sweeper to tour manager to finding himself homeless and living on the streets. This has helped him to see both extremes of life and the challenges they both pose and it is this insight which has given him a heart and desire to work alongside those who are struggling to navigate life out of homelessness and addiction whilst still being able to relate to those from an influential and affluent background. 

 Shayne released his debut album "Some Kind of Wonderful" in 2008 which was received well and won the New Independant Artist award. "Some Kind of Wonderful" illustrated the wide variety of musical influences which make Shayne's music unique. From 50's rock to reggae, atmospheric to upbeat. He particularly likes to give opportunity to show the talents of his musicians and lets them shine alongside him. Shayne deals with some difficult topics in his songs, each telling its own story. Since releasing "Some Kind of Wonderful", Shayne has been focussing on personal study and songwriting and is now pleased and very excited to be working on releasing his second album, "Simplicity". 

"Simplicity" is an album which is unlikely to disappoint. With his story-telling style Shayne has superseded expectations with the production of this album. Still focusing on difficult life situations and pointing people towards God, he has developed his style into an amazing blend of a variety of genres with a celtic influence. 
 During this recent period of reflection, Shayne has written a significant number of songs which he plans to now record and release onto twelve albums over the next three years. This is quite an undertaking but with God's guidance leading him, he believes it will prove to be a worthwhile venture which will produce a resource for bringing people closer to God and answering some of the faith-based questions believers and non-believers often have.